A Discussion on the Sinking Economy of America

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The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the worldwide economy. The complete shutdown of businesses and organizations has been devastating. Thousands if not millions of people worldwide have lost their source of income. According to statistics, the economy of the United States of America has hit its lowest point in history during this pandemic. The condition is so critical that stabilizing the economy and bringing back growth requires persistent financial intervention from both the government and the Federal Reserve.

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A similar but comparatively less extreme scenario was observed when America and Europe witnessed the Great Recession and Economic Depression in 2008. This was when the global GDP declined by -5.1%, and global unemployment rate topped 10%. After this period, the American economy had a difficult time recovering. There were deep-rooted economic issues and partisan government inaction. Even today, when the economy is recovering and combatting the decline brought by the pandemic, it is dealing with a government that can do little but borrow money to save the economy from spiralling out of control.

Many researchers and economists have performed various studies and provided their traditional solutions to fix the economy. 'Optimizing America,' the first book in a trilogy written by Jarl Jensen, presents a unique observation along with solutions to fix the economy. Jarl’s book tells a story that observes the economy through a vision is different. Because Jarl's academic background differs from the rest of the economists and researchers, his methods to fix the economy are unique.

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The Optimal Solution to Fix the American Economy

The American banking system is a silent killer that puts a burden on the nation's economy and growth. It constrains investments and creates scarcity. It not only affects the poor but also forces the hand of the country's wealth. The first book in 'The Wolfe Trilogy,' is Optimizing America and it has provided a new outlook on societies persistent issues. Jarl Jensen has authored a noval that entails the difficulties and hardships of fixing the financial system.

The series has three books, namely, Optimizing America, Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil, and The Big Solution. The story revolves around the protagonist Justin Wolfe who embarks on a journey to promote his book 'The Big Solution,' which, according to him, contained all the secret ingredients to improve America's economy and fix societies festering difficulties. On this journey, Wolfe observed the growing positive reaction of the masses to his book tour, which causes Wolfe to run for president. This presidential campaign turned ominous when those that benefit from the rigged system put Justin and his team in harms way.

Optimizing America is a creative approach to solving America’s problems through story telling. It is packed with intense drama, plenty of strong characters, and a thrilling plot that keeps the readers on their toes. The end of each chapter leaves the reader questioning the operations of the economy and contemplating new alternatives.

As an innovator, Jarl Jensen continuously thinks about alternative approaches to produce better resutls. He is also a businessman and is the CEO of his company' Inventagon.' Jensen understands the dynamics of systems and how to engineer consistent results. Through his engineering background and innovative mindset, he has introduced fresh and new ways of making soceity better for everyone. Jarl’s book aims to rejuvenate the feeling of patriotism, which seems to be lost among the masses. According to him, if people had thought like passionate patriots, the solution to mend America's economy would have been presented sooner. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The people of the United States of America seem to be very self-consumed with a careless attitude but as discontent spreads people are starting to raise their voice. Jensen highly discourages and despises these riotus actions and believes that a simple nonviolent solution exists. One of the main objectives of Optimizing America is to awaken the spirit of patriotism and the potential for America’s and the World’s future. The purpose of the book is to push the young generation to think ‘differently’ and implement these ideas that will revolutionize the economy for the people.

Released in 2017, Optimizing America has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. The book series is also featured on Forbes Books and has received great reviews and endorsements from critics and influential peers. It inspires the reader to make efforts to save America's future through the optimal solutions provided by the author.