6 Common Sleeping Positions Of Couples And What They Reveal About Their Relationships

Do you like to rest your head on your partner’s shoulders or chest, and hug them while sleeping? Or, do they like to cling tightly to you as they doze off? Or perhaps, you both love your own personal space and do not want any disturbance as you go off to sleep? (READ: 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday)

Your body language reflects your personality and intentions, and similarly dreams have unique interpretations. And, the way you sleep with your partner speaks volumes about your relationship. So, what does your sleeping position say about you? Let us demystify what some popular sleeping positions reveal about your marriage.

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#1. Back To Back

Sleeping back to back, but with intimate physical contact is one of the favourite positions for most couples because it gives them space while keeping them in touch with each other. It is also known as the Zen pose. This position is symbolic of a high level of security and comfort between the partners. There is usually a relaxed camaraderie, and a sense of equality between couples who sleep this way. Couples develop this style over the years once they are fully comfortable with their independence and interdependence.

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#2. The Classic Cliffhanger

The classic cliffhanger is also a back to back position, but in this case, there is no physical contact between the partners. This position can mean a lot of things. On the positive side, it means that you are so secure and comfortable with each other that you do not need physical contact to feel connected. Usually, couples who are fiercely independent prefer this position. On the flip side, it could indicate a growing distance between the couple, especially if this was not their normal sleeping position earlier. It is a good idea to have a heart to heart conversation with your partner once, to find out what is going on if the distance between you two is growing in the bed.

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#3. The Spoon

Spooning is of two kinds- either the man spoons the woman or vice versa. This sleeping position indicates a feeling of protectiveness towards the partner being spooned. It is a very warm and intimate pose depicting love, care and concern. It also reflects feelings of passionate love between the couple, especially the newlyweds. It depicts closeness between you two.

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#4. The Sweetheart Hug

If the cuddly sweetheart pose is your favourite, it shows that you two are true romantic souls. It is a nurturing pose, which also indicates the dominance of the male partner, since he takes his woman under his wing in a protective gesture. However, if you sleep like this in the later years, you are one of the lucky few, whose honeymoon phase is still on.

#5. The Honeymoon Hug

Do you like to sleep facing your partner on the same level of the pillow, and having your limbs entwined with them? This pose, called the honeymoon hug, indicates an intense need to stay physically connected to each other. One of the most intimate and romantic sleeping poses, it depicts deep love, and emotional and physical dependence on each other. This romantic pose is common in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, and after lovemaking.

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#6. The Shingles

Also known as the royal pose, it depicts that both partners have strong individualistic personalities, as both partners are on their backs, and looking at the world from the same perspective. Although both the partners are equally strong, the woman is the more understanding one out of the two, because she chooses to bridge the gap between the two, and rests her head on his shoulder. This position depicts equality and a high level of trust between the partners.

Well, this is what various researches have to say about these popular sleeping positions, and what they reveal about your relationship. But, according to psychologists, there is no “perfect” sleeping position for couples. However, now that you know what different sleeping poses mean, you can get a deeper insight into your relationship and work on making it stronger.

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