Disciplinary action will be taken against police personnel not wearing police uniforms while on duty: Bihar DGP

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Bihar DGP's order to police personnel to wear police uniforms properly
Bihar DGP's order to police personnel to wear police uniforms properly

Patna (Bihar) [India], July 10 (ANI): Bihar Director-General of Police SK Singhal on Friday has issued an order stating that disciplinary action will be taken against police personnel who are found to be not wearing police uniforms while on duty or not wearing them according to the prescribed criteria.

The order roughly translated from Hindi stated that in some cases it has been observed that a few personnel during their official duty were found to be in a different attire or the manner of wearing it was not according to the criteria mentioned.

Looking at the importance of uniforms for better policing, the state govt is giving allowances to the officers/personnel of all levels. Hence, the officers and personnel of the state police will make sure to wear uniforms during the official duty in accordance with the prescribed provisions, said the order

The uniform should be neat and clean and in a proper state. The offices where there is no prescribed uniform must ensure a proper dress code in accordance with the office, said the order.

The DGP's order stated that Chapter 33 of the Bihar Police Manual has a detailed mention of the Police uniforms and apparel. Proper instructions have been given for the maintenance of police uniform and correct way of wearing it are also given in the manual, stated the order.

The announcement that created a stir among the police personnel said that the preferred police officials in relation to the uniforms will time to time inspect, do surprise inspections of police station/ deputation departments and various offices.

Highlighting the importance of uniforms in the police service, the DGP wrote that an important dimension of the uniqueness of police service is their apparel or uniforms. A uniform not only provides a distinct activity to police personnel but also is symbolic of the respect given to the entire police service.

"A neat and clean and proper uniform worn by police personnel presents a positive image amongst the commoners and also represents commitment towards discipline. Besides, it works as an important dimension in better policing," added the order. (ANI)

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