Disabled dog in Thailand rescues baby boy buried by teenage mother

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The child was found after the dog’s digging exposed the baby’s let and alerting the farmers to dig the baby out and take it to safety.

A disabled dog in Thailand is being hailed as a hero of his village after he rescued an infant allegedly buried in a field by his teenage mother. According to The Guardian, the dog named Ping Pong alerted villagers and led them to a spot in Ban Nong Kham village, Bangkok, where the boy was buried.

The child was found after the dog dug around the area and began barking, alerting nearby farmers, who then took the baby out. The 15-year-old mother was charged with attempted murder after she confessed to burying the baby, the website reported.

The girl is now in the care of a psychologist and her parents because she is in great trauma. The mother regrets what she did and said she acted on impulse without thinking it through. She feared her parents would find out she had been pregnant, Lieutenant colonel Panuwat Puttakam of Cham Phuang police told the Guardian.

Watch the video here:

Six-year-old Ping Pong, who lost one of his legs after being hit by a car, is looked after by Usa Nisaika. According to a BBC report, he told Khaosod Newspaper, "I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle. He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing."

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