Dirty pictures of politics: Modi gets a 'son-in-law', Sonia Gandhi a 'bahu'

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Dirty pictures of politics: Modi gets a 'son-in-law', Sonia Gandhi a 'bahu'

Congress' Social Media chief Divya Spandan created a flutter by sharing an old video clip of Rakhi Sawant.

The political discourse has hit a new low. The Congress has employed strange means to attack the BJP which was not to be left behind. Now, both have hit each other below the belt, literally.

On Monday (July 9) evening, Congress' Social Media and Digital Communications chief Divya Spandan created a flutter by sharing on Twitter an old video clip of Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant in which the latter is heard saying that she has found a "groom" for herself and Prime Minister Narendra Modi his "son-in-law".

Divya Spandan was immediately hit back by BJP Delhi spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga. He too tweeted an old video clip of a woman who claimed that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had married her.

Even twitterati lashed out at Divya Spandan, who is considered quite close to Rahul Gandhi and has been spear-heading his Twitter handle.

The Congress' social media chief, in her tweet, tagged PM Modi and Rakhi Sawant's Twitter handles and said, "Modi ji, your son-in-law has been found."

In the video clip, Rakhi Sawant is purportedly heard claiming that she has found a groom for herself in New York. "Friends, all were saying when will I find a groom for myself. Now be happy. Meet him. I am in New York and he is my groom," she says turning the focus of the camera towards a man who is seen driving the car in which they are sitting.

She tells the man to respond. "Sweetheart, say hi."

The 'item girl' further says, "All Indians are watching you now, including my prime minister Modi. Modi is a big fan of mine," she claims because, she says, she is a Bollywood actress.

"Take a look Modi ji. Meet your son-in-law... I didn't get any partner in India but have got one in New York," she goes on to say.

Divya Spandan was attacked by twitterati for her post. One Rahul Subramaniam said, "Now I can believe that sexual harassment of women is not only rampant and institutional but condoned in the Congress party, right from the leadership down to its cadre."

The BJP too sought to retort to Divya Spandan in the same coin. Bagga posted an old clip of an unidentified woman in Allahabad. Replying to Divya Spandan in his tweet, he tagged Rahul gandhi and said, "Sonia ji, your daughter-in-law has been found."

The woman in the tweet is seen talking to mediapersons while bragging about her marriage to Rahul Gandhi.

She says, "I have come to meet Rahul Gandhi and do some heart-to-heart talks. He helps the Dalits and eats at their place. I'm an OBC woman and have been helping the Congress party for some time. Why can't he marry me? I want him to marry me."

The woman makes several other claims, all of which sound bizarre. For instance, she is heard claiming that she was appointed as Seva Dal's district women's organisation secretary but was informed that she has been removed.

Asked by the mediapersons, the woman says she got married to Rahul Gandhi in 2006-07 and got associated with the Congress party in 2014.
"Earlier I did not have much interest in him. I didn't trust him either. But after meeting him on two-three times, when he shook hands with me and asked my well-being, I realised he also wanted to marry me," she said.

The woman says she too then made up her mind to marry Rahul Gandhi because "he is a nice person, a senior politician and the son of a PM".

She also reveals that there were several enemies after her life. "If I get to marry him then my works would be done."

The woman admits that the Congress president has not made any promises with her in person. "But whenever I see him in my dreams, he makes promises to me, says he likes me and that he will do whatever I will tell him to," she said.

She goes to the extent of bragging that Rahul promised having children from her. "I will give you the status of a wife, he says, but then he cheats me always," she says.

The standard of discourse has reached nadir. It is likely to worsen in the days and months to come as 2019 Lok Sabha elections approach.

If no checks and restraints are exercised, it will lead to acrimony further eroding the credibility of the politicians.