Director Aron Govil lauds lead pair of U R MY JAAN editorial
Director Aron Govil lauds lead pair of U R MY JAAN

Glamsham Editorial

Director Aron Govil of upcoming feature film U R MY JAAN had tremendous praise for the leading pair that he is introducing to the Bollywood in a recent interview.

"Mikaal is the leading man and Priti is the leading lady of U R MY JAAN," said Mr. Govil, "I am very happy with their work ethics as they both were extremely cooperative and gave more than 100% to this film."

Aron Govil said that, Mikaal had worked with him in his previous film "SHOOT ON SIGHT", whereas for Priti, this is her first film and hence he was a bit apprehensive about taking newcomers in the film. However, he was simply amazed at the quality of acting that both Mikaal and Priti have given in this film.

Govil further highlights, "I wrote an emotional story, since U R MY JAAN is a romantic film, and hence I was looking for solid performances from both of them which they both delivered," and he continued "I feel they will have very promising careers in Bollywood."

U R MY JAAN is releasing in August and is financed and produced by Aron Govil Productions Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Aron Govil Productions Inc.

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