Diplo ducks from gunfire at Brazil carnival show

Ellie Harrison
Getty Images for MTV

Diplo has shared photos of himself ducking from gunfire after a shooting at his São Paulo Carnival show.

The Major Lazer DJ is currently in Brazil for the country’s annual Carnival celebrations, and was due to perform to a crowd at a street party on Tuesday (25 February) when the altercation occurred.

According to the Latin American publication Remezcla, the shooting took place after someone in the crowd allegedly attempted to steal a chain from the neck of another audience member.

Photographer Amauri Nehn told Brazilian outlet UOL: “There was a boy who was hit in the abdomen and another girl hit in the leg.” Diplo said there were no fatalities.

Diplo posted pictures of himself being protected by security on Instagram, with a caption reading: “This is a tough country.. It's bullet proof, maybe even invincible.. It's definitely blessed.. We were actually ready 15 minutes later to get on and do a show for everyone in Sao Paulo just as we made sure the medical teams were good..

“But that's when thunder and lightning started to pour down as if Brazil started to cry. I will see you next year Sao Paulo because you know we love you.”

In a comment, he added that he was “praying” for the injured. “This breaks my heart that someone was hurt during a party.. All I can ask God for is that he can protect everyone when we are gathering to celebrate.. We want all our shows to be a safe place..

“I know that brazil is considered dangerous from outsiders but I have been coming here for twenty years and have never seen this kind of violence until today.. People tell me that I'm lucky.. in the aftermath I know everyone is alive but I'm praying for them and I know it's not going to change the carnival spirit.”