Dinesh Trivedi: I am relieved and on my own; Cites coexistence of ‘Peace & Prosperity’ in the party

Trinamool Congress’ Neta Dinesh Trivedi resigned from Rajya Sabha, in order to discuss his plan ahead, he stated that ‘I am relieved and I am on my own’, he also added the metaphor ‘I am a free bird’. He states that when one is in the party, they have to remain in the party discipline. He cites the proverb ‘Peace and Prosperity’, when needs peace, there needs to be prosperity, but in today’s scenario, there is no peace. He also adds that an environment is needed for progress. Dinesh Trivedi’s resignation has sparked speculation of him joining another party. He also added that he felt suffocated within the party.
He also stated that violence and corruption have been an ongoing issue.'My heart is clear, I went through the due process before resigning', says Dinesh Trivedi, former TMC neta.