Dilution of big institutions will not be good: Sisodia on NEP 2020

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New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): The National Education Policy (NEP) envisages all colleges and universities to be multidisciplinary, but the dilution of big institutions will not be good for the country, said Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday. "It envisages all colleges and universities to be multidisciplinary. Let IIT deal with engineering, IIM with management, AIIMS with medical and FTII with acting. Dilution of such big institutes will not be good for the talent of the country," Sisodia told ANI when asked about the NEP. He said that in the country there are institutions that are already multidisciplinary and some are catering to one particular sector. This system is "doing good" and it should not be interfered with. Sisodia also said that there are some progressive things in the new education policy but how to implement them and what will be the roadmap for that is not stated in the policy. "It also calls for creating new institutions like national testing agency, the policy states that new regulatory authorities will be created which will be over regulations," Sisodia said. He further said, "In the new policy, we are still sticking to board exams that have become obsolete these days in the world. You should think something new and look for continuous evaluation." "It has to be ensured that every child gets equal education like there is a need to bridge the gap in the education a child getting in the metro city to that of a village," the Minister said. "How to improve government schools, there is not much emphasis on this aspect in this policy, instead, it focuses on encouraging private education institutes. So this means that the government is running away from its responsibilities," he said. Some steps are welcoming like opening a way for foreign universities into the country. It will be good for students who want to get an education of international standards within the country. Another good thing is that the foundational education will be given in mother tongue, he added. (ANI)

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