Dill Mill Gaye actor Ohanna Shivanand accuses sister, her mother-in-law of attempt to murder

Ohanna Shivanand has also acted in a few movies. (Photo: Ohanna Shivanand/Instagram)

TV actor Ohanna Shivanand has made shocking claims in her latest social media posts. The actor, who rose to fame with TV show Dill Mill Gaye, has accused her sister and her sister’s mother-in-law of plotting her and her mother’s murder.

Ohanna who was seen as Dr Riddhima opposite Karan Singh Grover in Dill Mill Gaye mentioned that her mother has also filed a police complaint but the accused is absconding.

In a Facebook post on July 18, Ohanna Shivanand wrote, "Few months back my mom filed a murder case against my sisters mother in law (Bhavana Brhambhatt) for murdering her husband and accumulating all the insurance money and for attempt to murder me and my mom and killing showpaw when she was in India…but the very next day she ran away back to America….my public notice to her…pls face the cops in India little chicken..the cops in India have called my mom a couple of times saying woh toh Bhag gayi, hame batana kab ayegi wapas….for a murder case u are on high alert when u land in India. …let me see what happens now…will surely update you all it would be nice if known ppl support with like or comment.

Shilpa Anand, now Ohanna Shivanand shared the post on Facebook.

In another post, Ohanna accused her best friend of staging a rape. "What if your best friend tries to organise someone to rape you but u can see thru them cause your third eye is open….what if your sister tries to throw u out of your house but u see thru her cause your third eye is open…what if your sister’s mother-in-law tries to kill u and your mother to take over your assets..but you can see through them cause your third eye is open….. she shared.

Shilpa Anand, now Ohanna Shivanand shared the post on Facebook.

Ohanna Shivanand is the younger sister of actor Sakshi Shivanand. Ohanna has also acted in a few movies like Iqraar by Chance, Deewane Ho Gaye and Bloody Isshq among others.