Dilip Ghosh unravels Mamata's attack 'scam'; political move ahead of elections? | Frankly Speaking

On this Segment of Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, we have with us, Mr. Dilip Ghosh. He joins us to talk about the recent injury caused to TMC leader Mamata Banerjee and clarifies whether he feels it was a political move or not. Dilip Ghosh says that the attack on him and JP Nadda occurred in front of cameras. Navika points out that when Mamata Banerjee was injured, it too happened in front of cameras. There were definite signs of injury on her foot and it was visible that she was unnerved. It's shocking to see that BJP considers her injury a drama. Dilip Ghosh responds, saying if the cameras showed what Mamata Banerjee is talking about, his party would have no issues but in the footage, there are no signs of any attack on her.