Dilip Ghosh on opposition leaders joining BJP ahead of Assembly Elections | Frankly Speaking

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Navika Kumar is joined by the member of Lok Sabha, Dilip Ghosh. Dilip Ghosh talks about people quitting TMC and joining BJP. He said that their people are not only from the Trinamool Congress. Their MPs today were earlier with the congress. Their leaders are as per ideology. They are common people from all segments. They have the democratic right to join any party and work for the people.

He added that there are many good people also, there are good people in TMC too. If they want to join BJP, hold it's flag and seek parivartan in Bengal then they have no problem. In 2016 they had a 10.5% vote share, in 2014 they had a 17% vote share. Then they started moving ahead, they got a 30-40% vote share in by-polls.