Dileep returns to AMMA: Rima, Remya Nambeesan and Geetu resign in protest

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Dileep returns to AMMA: Rima, Remya Nambeesan and Geetu resign in protest

After AMMA revoked Dileep's suspension, actresses Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambeesan and director Geetu Mohandas have resigned from the association.

Actor Mohanlal was recently appointed as the President of Malayalam Movie Artistes Association (AMMA). One of the first decisions taken by the association was to revoke Dileep's suspension, who is one of the accused in the Malayalam actress abduction case.

On Wednesday (June 27), several core members belonging to the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) resigned as the member of AMMA in protest. The first person to resign from the Malayalam actors' body was the survivor who was abducted and assaulted in February 2017.

The survivor in her note, wrote, "Prior to this, this actor has snatched away opportunities of acting from me. When I had complained at that time, AMMA did not act seriously on my complaint. And when such a terrible incident happened, an organisation that I am also a part of tried to protect the man who has been accused of the crime. Realising that there is no purpose in being a part of such an organisation, I hereby resign."

Followed by the survivor, Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambeesan and director Geetu Mohandas have also tendered their resignations. Rima, who slammed AMMA in a press interaction, in her note, said, "What happened right now is not a problem that can be confined to a single person or a single organisation. I'm not leaving 'AMMA' for just this one problem. I'm leaving with the hope that the next generation will be able to able to courageously continue with full self-respect and without making any compromises."

In her resignation note, Geetu Mohandas said, "I am resigning from AMMA. I should have done this long back. I had understood when I was a working committee member of AMMA that it is tough to question AMMA's decisions when being a part of it. AMMA needs people who follow the decision of the leadership without questioning. Our voices are getting drowned there. We cannot allow that anymore. I stand with my friend and will fight AMMA's such irresponsible actions from outside."

Remya Nambeesan, a close friend of the survivor slammed AMMA for their decision to reinstate Dileep. "My resignation is to protest the highly irresponsible stance taken in view of the current circumstances. The organisation has taken a very deceitful and inhuman stance against our colleague who has suffered a gruesome assault. Primarily, I believe in being a good human being. Let justice prevail."

Now, the Malayalam film industry stands divided. Dileep is one of the accused and allegedly the mastermind behind the assault which shocked the entire nation. The case is still being investigated and Dileep is now out on bail.

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