Diktat decree by Panchayat, ban on girls on cell phones while walking

In a bizarre incident, a Panchayat in Mathura's Madora village issued a peculiar diktat on girls stating that they would be fined if they were found talking on their cell phones while walking. Reportedly, the Panchayat has slapped a fine of Rs. 21,000 if a girl is seen flouting the rules. Hailing his diktat decree, Panchayat head Gaffar asserted that girls could use phone but only in their houses. Unknown of the dictatorship by the Panchayat, Madora's Superintendent of Police Arun Kumar Singh said that the village is already defamed for criminal activities may be that is why the Panchyat took this kind of decision. However, this is not the only diktat issued by the Panchayat.