Digvijaya Singh slams PM Modi over his 'Foreign Destructive Ideology' analogy

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh slammed PM Narendra Modi over his FDI analogy, in which he had defined FDI as 'Foreign Destructive Ideology'. Taking to his Twitter handle, Singh alleged that the BJP government was adopting the Foreign Destructive Ideology of 'divide and rule', which was used by the British when they ruled India. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Modi stated that the country has to be cautious of such ideology. During his speech, PM also slammed those resorting to vehement protests as 'Andolan-jivis' and said that such individuals can be spotted 'wherever there is a protest, be it agitation by lawyers, students, or labourers, explicitly or implicitly'. Singh commented that PM's speech was 'high on oratory but extremely poor and misleading on FACTS'.