Digvijaya's MP brother slams Congress high command: Delhi darbar culture won't work

Speaking to India Today in Bhopal, Lakshman Singh said he wanted Rahul Gandhi to decentralise the party functioning.

The Congress leadership in Delhi is surrounded by people who do not have any base and if things do not change the party is in for tough days ahead, Lakshman Singh, a five-time MP and younger brother of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh said on Monday.

Speaking to India Today in Bhopal, Lakshman Singh said he wanted Rahul Gandhi to decentralise the party functioning. "A Delhi darbar type culture that existed during the Mughal period is still continuing. People like Satyvrat Chaturvedi are given prominence and they manage to get what they want. The party worker feels his views are not being listened. Rajiv Gandhi decentralised the government when he was prime minister; Rahul Gandhi should also do the same," he said.

A visibly annoyed Lakshman Singh, after the charge of Goa and Karnataka was taken away from Digvijaya Singh said, "I have conveyed that the party workers are feeling bad about it because when he was given the charge of Goa, Congress had nine seats and he along with the workers got it to 17. I spoke to my brother, he told me he was consulted before the decision was taken, and I conveyed the same to my party workers."

"This is part of procedure, charge is given and charge is taken," he added.

On Satyavrat Chaturvedi attacking Digvijay Singh, Lakshman Singh said Chaturvedi was his own voice and had no party workers backing him. "Last time his son fought elections and lost deposit. So he should first concentrate on his son getting elected," he added.

Singh also took a dig at the party high command saying their struggle has not yet started. "Look at history, anyone who struggled and went to jail has revived, their parties have revived, Nehru Ji went to jail, Indira ji went to jail and even Atal Ji and Advani Ji went to jail that's why their party is in power today."

"Struggle begins from top, and if you don't want to struggle at the top for whatever reasons, then let us struggle. We are ready to go to jail, but if the people who work, struggle and go to jail are ignored, and people like Satyvrat Chaturvedi are given priority, then the Congress is in for really tough times ahead," he added.

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