Digital Yuan Creates a New Generation of Millionaire Traders

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Recently, Yuan Pay Group has released a research report on “Digital Yuan, a New and Safer Digital Asset, Has Attracted Many Traders”. New research revealed that the Digital Yuan (China’s Central Bank Digital Currency) created more than 7,600 full-time traders who quit their full-time jobs to earn income online. It has recently been a far-fetched fantasy for many to become profitable day-traders, but with the invention of new products such as Digital Yuan, many had closed the office door for good.

Digital Yuan is the official digital currency released by China and is on-track to be used country-wide within a year. It has led many to speculate on its price skyrocketing, and courageous online investors are raking in thousands per day. In certain cities, employers struggle to keep their workforce engaged because of the newfound love for trading and earning online.

How is it different?

Other digital currencies are usually fully decentralized, and their value fluctuates without any change in fundamentals. Digital Yuan, however, is backed by one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Furthermore, it comes with a payment system integrated. China has tested and rolled out WeChat Pay and AliPay. Any funds can be used immediately in any retailer in China, thus establishing a substantial value for the currency users.

Thousands are betting on it

With its smoldering hot stock exchange markets, China is producing a new billionaire every week, and many retail investors want in on the action. With limited access to foreigners, it can be tricky to invest in China directly, but Digital Yuan gives this opportunity.

“I have always been interested in the Red Giant, but my brokers and bank did not support Chinese stock exchanges. I feel like Digital Yuan is a dream come true. I get the unlimited potential for gains like on other digital currencies and the stability of a huge nation”, – says Adrian Martin, a 32-year-old investor who was working in the post office just one month ago.

Yuan Pay Group interviewed a sample of over 20,000 investors globally and found out that over 7,000 have left their full-time jobs to pursue trading and investing.

Why is China developing it?

Digital Yuan may provide a solution for Chinese long-standing bad debt problem. The country currently has 2.4 trillion yuan ($341 billion) of officially recognized bad debt due to the illegal yet widespread practice of obtaining multiple loans pledging the same collateral. Wide adoption in the Chinese economy of the Digital Yuan would drive its value even higher.

“Using smart contracts provided by the Digital Yuan currency, the government of China will be able to track assets and liabilities and to ensure that multiple loans are not taken over the same collateral,” says a senior blockchain researcher J. Rogers.

How can regular people invest?

To ensure safety, investment in Digital Yuan is only available through authorized brokers, which you can find by clicking here. Until the end of the week, the coins are issued at a 50% discount to new investors.

After registration, people will be redirected to the broker portal, where they can begin their trading career. Note for exclusive investments such as Digital Yuan, phone verification will be required, so have their phone nearby.

Adrian Martin, 32-year-old ex-postman turned trader, reassures: “it can be hard to start trading, but with the current technology, everything is possible. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and believe that you can change your life for good. Once you make that distinction in your head, you can become successful at trading or anything else.”

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