Digest year-ender for international stories for month of June, 2020

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New Delhi, Dec 31 (PTI) Jun 1:Washington: The US remained a tinderbox of anger and emotion as rioting and looting linked to the protests against the custodial killing of African-American George Floyd left a trail of destruction.

Jun 2:New York: The authorities in the New York City have imposed a week-long night curfew and ramped up police presence after violence and looting incidents were reported across the city amid widespread protests triggered by the custodial killing of African-American George Floyd.

Jun 3:London: British PM Boris Johnson reiterated the UK’s plans for some of the “biggest changes” to the country’s visa system in order to allow around three million Hong Kong nationals a path to British citizenship if China does not back off over a new controversial national security law.

Jun 4:Hong Kong: Thousands of people defied a police ban, breaking through barricades to hold a candlelight vigil on the 31st anniversary of China's crushing of a democracy movement centred on Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Jun 5:Washington: The US unemployment rate fell to 13.3 per cent, registering an increase of 2.5 million jobs, leading President Donald Trump to describe the numbers as an affirmation of the good work his adminstration is doing.

Jun 6:Washington: Former vice president Joe Biden has formally become the Democratic presidential nominee to run for the White House against President Donald Trump in the elections in November.

Jun 7:London: The worldwide death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed 400,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Jun 8:Washington: The global economy will shrink by 5.2 per cent this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown measures to contain it, the World Bank said.

Jun 9:Baltimore (US): US employers laid-off 7.7 million workers in April — a deep the economic hole that was created by the closure of thousands of offices, restaurants, stores and schools during the pandemic.

Jun 10:Paris: The world faces the worst global recession in nearly a century, a key economic body warned, while in Europe, restrictions to fight the spread of coronavirus portend a bleak summer tourism season.

Jun 11:New York: Eminent Indian-American soil scientist Rattan Lal was named the recipient of USD 250,000 World Food Prize.

Jun 12:London: The UK's economy shrank by 20.4 per cent in April as a result of the strict coronavirus lockdown.

Jun 13:Kathmandu: Nepal's Parliament unanimously voted to amend the Constitution to update the country's new political map, laying claim over three strategically key areas along the border with India.

Jun 14:Kathmandu: Nepal Parliament's upper house endorsed a proposal to discuss the Constitution amendment bill to update the country’s new political map that includes three strategically key Indian territories.

Jun 15:Washington: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the ABC Television Network said that the 93rd Academy Awards will now be held April 25, 2021.

Jun 16:Beijing: China's official media quoted the Chinese military as claiming that it 'always' owned sovereignty over the Galwan Valley region and alleged that 'provocative attacks' launched by the Indian troops resulted in 'severe clashes and casualties.' Jun 17:United Nations: India was elected as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for a two-year term, winning 184 votes in the 193-member General Assembly.

Jun 18:Kathmandu/New Delhi: Nepal completed the process of redrawing the country's political map through a Constitutional amendment, incorporating three strategically important Indian areas in a move that could severely jolt bilateral relations.

Jun 19:Geneva: The head of the WHO said the coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating” and that more than 150,000 cases were reported yesterday - the highest single-day number so far.

Jun 20:San Francisco (US): In San Francisco, a group of about 400 people tore down statues of Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of the US, Spanish missionary Junipero Serra and Francis Scott Key, who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Jun 21:Barcelona: Spain reopened its borders to European tourists in a bid to kickstart its economy while Brazil and South Africa struggled with rising coronavirus infections.

Jun 22:Geneva: The WHO reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases, at more than 183,000 new cases in 24 hours.

Jun 23:Washington: In a huge blow to Indian IT professionals, the Trump administration has suspended the most sought-after H-1B visas along with other types of foreign work visas until the end of 2020 to protect American workers in a crucial election year.

Jun 24:Washington: The IMF projected a contraction of 4.5 per cent for the Indian economy in 2020, citing the coronavirus pandemic that has nearly stalled all economic activities.

Jun 25:London: The European Medicines Agency has granted its first approval for a drug to treat the new coronavirus — remdesivir, which has been shown in trials to speed the recovery time of people hospitalised with COVID-19.

Jun 26:Washington: As coronavirus cases rise in more than half of the states, the Trump administration is urging the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Jun 27:Washington: Mumbai terrorist attack convict David Headley cannot be extradited to India, but Pakistani-origin Canadian businessman co-conspirator Tahawwur Rana faces extradition, a US attorney has told a federal court.

Jun 28:London: Ireland's Indian-origin PM, Leo Varadkar, has stepped down to make way for new Irish PM Micheál Martin as part of a historic coalition deal which will see him return as the PM in over two years’ time.

Jun 29:Karachi: Four heavily armed militants made a brazen attempt to take over the Pakistan Stock Exchange building here, killing three security guards and a police officer before being shot dead by security forces.

Jun 30:Beijing/Hong Kong: Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a controversial security law that gave Beijing new powers over Hong Kong that are tailor-made to crackdown against dissent, criminalising sedition and effectively curtailing protests. MAH MAH