Difficult crisis but giving everything we've: EAM on surge in oxygen demand

Union External Affairs Minister, Dr S Jaishankar attended a virtual conversation, called 'Global Dialogue Series' on May 05. He said, "There's increase in demand (medical oxygen) and it's my obligation as government to meet it. I have to move heaven and earth but I have to meet it in some way. We have encouraged businesses to change their production practices to free up industrial oxygen and convert it into medical oxygen. We are running trains so that oxygen comes to population centres as production centres are very distant. We have been trying to purchase tankers from abroad." He further said, "That is what my Missions are doing, they are looking for cryogenic tanks, for generators, concentrators. IAF is picking up empty tanks, flying them back so that we save driving time. It's a difficult crisis but I can tell you we are giving everything we have and more."