What Are The Different Types Of Rests ?

With the heavy workload and busy schedule, we often forget to take proper care of ourselves.
As much as we need the right nutrition and regular exercise to stay fit and healthy, we also need to take proper rest to relax and have some peace.
But, resting doesn't only mean sitting idly, mindlessly watching movies, or playing games. There are different types of rests every person needs from time to time.
This is now you know and today in this video we will tell you the different types of rests people need to take-

  1. Emotional rest

Carrying emotional baggage can severely affect your health and keep you upset or depressed. Emotional rest is offloading the emotional baggage by talking to a friend or closed one. You can also take some help from a therapist and share your concerns with them.

  1. Physical rest

Resting physically is important for your body so that it can slow down and repair to recharge you. Maintain the right sleep schedule, take afternoon naps on weekend, do yoga, and take small breaks in the office to give yourself some peace and rest.

  1. Mental rest

As much as your body, your mind too needs some rest.
For that, take a break from all the work to recharge yourself.
unplug from gadgets, take a vacation, try mindful exercises, and listen to some calm and soothing music to get some mental rest.

So, try these out and take care of your health.