Diet or Exercise – What is More Important For Weight Loss?

The age-old question continues - what is more important for weight loss - diet or exercise? Experts would have us believe the former is more important than the latter.

A study suggests that diet is far more important than physical activity including walking, fidgeting and formal exercise.

The reason is that exercising increases appetite especially with prolonged endurance exercise or with weight lifting that can ultimately sabotage the best of intentions, the CNN reported.

About 10 percent of our calories are burned digesting the food we eat and roughly 10 percent to 30 percent are lost through physical activity, the study said.

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Nutritionist Lisa Drayer was quoted saying to CNN:

"It could not be more true. What you omit from your diet is so much more important than how much you exercise."

Agreeing with the same thought, Yoga expert Zubin Atre adds that standards of beauty have changed drastically over the centuries with different practices and ideas related to fitness moving in and out of our regimes. However, if you’re looking for weight loss, you may want to pay especial attention to what you’re eating, sleep quality, metabolic rate, water content in the body, protein intake, what does your day look like and the daily level of activity.

The importance of diet cannot be insisted enough and sometimes, says Zubin, just educating yourself about that would be enough to lose weight.

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Bottomline? Try full-body workouts and eat clean for leaner limbs, smaller waist or any other body-appearance-related desires of your heart.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what holistic expert Vesna Jacob says:

"There are broadly two things that will determine weight loss. One is creating a calorie deficit. Another is your genetic makeup."

The average person, excluding professional athletes, burns 5 to 15 percent of their daily calories through exercise, said Alexxai Kravitz, Investigator at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in the US.

It is not nearly equal to food intake, which accounts for 100 percent of the energy intake of the body, said Kravitz.

All this is not to say that exercise does not have its place.

It is certainly important for building strength and muscle mass and flexibility and can help manage diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. But although exercise can help with weight loss, diet is a much more important lifestyle factor, Drayer noted.

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