Didi Dharna Flops: EC charges Didi for certain violations after being called biased

The EC decided to ban BJP Neta Rahul Sinha and warns Suvendu Adhikari from campaigning for the next 24-48 hours after Mamata Banerjee sat on dharma against the poll panel’s decisions calling it a biased approach. However, the EC turned the tables on the Dharna and charged Didi for corrupt practices amounting to promoting or attempt to promoting enmity or hate between different classes of citizens, causing threats to public servants. Banerjee is being accused of making highly insinuating and provocative remarks laden with the serious potential of the breakdown of law. TMC claims to have complied with the show cause notice sent to Banerjee for their previous violations. So they question the reasons behind a ban on Mamata Banerjee after these repercussions which led her to this Dharna.