Did X Factor champion Dalton Harris win every week before the finale?

Safeeyah Kazi
Star: Dalton Harris won the 2018 title of X Factor champion: X Factor/ ITV

X Factor’s dramatic final is believed to have seen champion Dalton Harris secure almost half the votes from viewers.

The Jamaican singer supposedly took 41.3 per cent of the final view vote, taking the lead from runners-up Scarlett Lee and Anthony Russell, according to the Mirror.

Lee is expected to have come second with 31.3 per cent and Russell with 27.4 per cent of the vote.

Harris and Russell were reportedly in the top two highest votes for most of the competition’s duration, meaning their place in the final was near-set from the get-go.

The publication also reported that the show gained the second smallest audience for a final in the competition’s history.

Sunday night’s audience is believed to have averaged at around 5.5 million viewers with a peak of 7.5 million, despite ITV claiming an increase of 500,000 viewers, the show’s average rating had supposedly dropped 1.5 million from 2016.

Standard Online has contacted representatives of the show for comment.

The news comes after reports emerged claiming Harris won’t be securing the same £1 million recording contract previous winners have been offered.

Victory: Harris took the crown on Sunday night (Dymond/Thames/Syco/Rex/Shutterstock)

But he is expected to be offered a recording contract with music mogul Simon Cowell’s label Syco.

The £1 million record deal is believed to previously have been used to market the winner’s single, which traditionally made it to the Christmas number one slot.

Winners would usually be offered an initial advance of £150,000 for their first album and £237,000 for their second, according to the Sun.

A third album could see the winner bag an advance of £315,000 and upwards of £400,000 for a fourth.

A spokesperson for the show told the Mirror that Harris would be offered a “life-changing” record deal but refused to disclose a sum.

Standard Online has contacted representatives of Syco for comment.