Did Sushant Singh Rajput's Flatmate Samuel Haokip Leave Him Due To Rhea Chakraborty? Later Says, ‘It’s Something Between Sushant And I’ - EXCLUSIVE

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As per reports, Sushant Singh Rajput’s former girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, replaced many from his team of domestic staff and a few of his close aides. A new set of people were hired in place of those who were asked to leave, said reports. The late actor’s cook also confirmed the same in an interview, and now a reliable source informs us that it is quite likely that Samuel Haokip, who was a legal advisor, friend and flatmate of Sushant Singh Rajput, also had to leave his job due to Rhea Chakraborty. For those who are unaware Samuel was extremely close to Sushant and stayed with him for more than a year before leaving his house for another venture in Delhi, in July 2019. 

We contacted Samuel to know if it was indeed true and at first he did not wish to talk about it. He answered, 'No comments'. But he later added, "It's something between me and Sushant hence don't want to share it.”

In an earlier interview when we had asked Samuel the reason for leaving his job and Sushant, Samuel had told us, "Sushant's elder sister Priyanka Di and her husband Siddharth, who is a famous lawyer in Delhi, had come down when he asked me what I really wanted to do - If I wanted to stick with Sushant or pursue as a lawyer, independently. So he offered me a job. As a friend I wanted to be with Sushant and help him but at the same time I had to pursue my career and get back to my roots. So, I decided to go ahead with the offer and moved to Delhi to start my practice.” 

He had also added, "I stayed with him for more than a year. I was studying in Xavier’s when I got this opportunity to work for him via common friends. That time they were looking for someone with legal knowledge in this team. But I left him somewhere in July 2019. During my last few months Sushant made me in-charge of a lot of things, like I used to look for his security by consulting the third party who used to send us the bodyguard and describe their shift hours and everything. I was also taking care of his finances at that time".  

Samuel had also revealed to us, "Rhea used to have her place in Khar where her family used to stay. Me and Sushant have gone to her house many times for dinner. She also used to come home and chill with us. At that point of time they were at the initial stage of love. It was only me and Sushant staying together with the house helps -Keshav (cook) and Neeraj. But then Rhea also stayed there and meanwhile Siddharth Pithani had also come down. Then Sushant had personally called Dipesh Sawant to stay with him. Dipesh was a friend of Abbas (Editor) from our Pro team.”

Image Source:- instagram/rhea_chakraborty/ sushantsinghrajput/jamlenpao

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