Did You Know? Scientist Says Dinosaurs Roamed Earth on Other Side of Milky Way

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Tracing our solar system’s movement through the Milky Way, NASA scientist Jessie Christiansen has discovered that when dinosaurs were alive on earth, the planet was on a totally different side of the galaxy.

In a new animation made by Christiansen, she even explained how long the dinosaurs' reign lasted in comparison to the really short era of humans on earth.

Christiansen’s also explained that the dinosaurs were just beginning to emerge in the Triassic period last time when our solar system was at its current point in the galaxy. She also added when Earth was in a different part of the Milky Way, most of the iconic dinosaurs used to roam on the planet, reported the Business Insider.

"That was the first time I realized that those time scales - archaeological, fossil record time scales and astronomical time scales - actually kind of match along together. Then I had this idea that I could map out dinosaur evolution through the galaxy's rotation," Christiansen told the website.

Watch the video that clearly shows the viewpoints of different timelines.

The video was, reportedly, made by the scientist in four hours.

Christiansen further added that the idea of illustration had come to her mind when she was leading a stargazing party at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, as reported by the website.

“The animation kind of makes it seem like we've come back to the same spot, but in reality the whole galaxy has moved a very long way. It's more like we're doing a spiral through space. As the whole galaxy's moving and we're rotating around the centre, it kind of creates this spiral,” Christiansen said.

The report also stated that the people who attended the event were fascinated to know that solar system had been across the galaxy when dinosaurs roamed.