Did you know Salman wanted to buy SRK's 'Mannat'?

Trivesh Sharma

Did you know Salman wanted to buy SRK

27 May 2019: Did you know Salman wanted to buy SRK's 'Mannat'?

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's bungalow, Mannat, is one of the most luxurious and expensive properties in Mumbai.

But did you know that another superstar Khan was supposed to own this property? Apparently, Salman Khan had his eyes on the mansion and wanted to purchase it during the initial days of his career.

So what stopped him from doing so? Read on to know.

Interview: Salim Khan stopped Salman from purchasing 'Mannat'

Salman, who is busy promoting his movie Bharat, made the startling revelation during an interview.

He wanted to buy Mannat but his father Salim Khan persuaded him otherwise. The veteran screenwriter asked Salman what would he do with such a big house, and the latter didn't have a reply.

Subsequently, Salman ditched the idea. He now stays in Galaxy Apartment with his family.

Fact: Interestingly, Salman also has the same question for SRK

Salman said he also wanted to ask SRK the same. "Itne bade ghar mai tu karta kya hai?"(What do you do in such a big house?)," Salman wondered. How come you don't know this, Salman? Aren't both of you "best buddies"?

Property: One can't blame Salman for lusting over SRK's 'Mannat'

Mannat is situated at Lands End, Bandstand and faces the sea. It has the perfect combination of old and modern style architecture with Italian and neo-classical touch.

The multi-storey house has two living rooms, a floor with a playroom for SRK's children, a private bar, library, and an entertainment unit.

The mansion houses splendid artefacts and its interiors will make anyone's jaws drop.

History: Apparently, SRK bought 'Mannat' for Rs. 13.3 crore

What many don't know is that Mannat was a bequest of a Gujarati man, named Nariman Dubash. He called the mansion 'Villa Vienna'.

Fascinated by its architecture, SRK convinced the former owner to sell him the property for Rs. 13.3 crore. Notably, its current value is a whopping Rs. 200 crore.

In fact, SRK commented once that even if he goes broke, he would sell everything "but not Mannat".