Did You Know? Mira Rajput Wanted To Become A Surgeon

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Did You Know? Mira Rajput Wanted To Become A Surgeon

Read here to know about Sasha's wife Mira Rajput's ambition in life.

Just like Shahid Kapoor, even his wife Mira Rajput has huge list of fan followers. When she made her small screen debut, fans of ShaMira (as Shahid and Mira are fondly called) were eagerly waiting to see her and to hear her. Her appearance on the chat show Koffee with Karan season 5 grabbed millions of eyeballs. In between there were even rumours that the yummy mommy might take up acting soon. But you’ll be surprised to know that there was a time when Mira Rajput wanted to become a surgeon.

In an interview with a leading daily Mira Rajput confessed her ambition to become a surgeon and then why she didn’t take it up. The star wife told Hindustan Times, “I have done a few things when I was in school and college. I’ve also done several internships. I worked in advertising, too. Initially, I wanted to be a doctor and I even did an internship at a hospital. I was determined to become a surgeon and even saw 13-14 surgeries. But then, I realised that it required a lot of study.”

And now being a star wife it’s obvious that the shutterbugs wouldn’t want to miss capturing any pictures of Mira Rajput whenever she steps out of her abode. About how she got used to the crazy pap culture Mira had once said, “I think I am much better than I used to be. I am quite used to the paparazzi, because these days, they are literally everywhere, regardless of whether I am going to the gym, taking Misha (their daughter) to her playschool, or just running some errands. I think that’s something one has to deal with because it’s the reality.”