Did You Know That The Fate of the Furious Has a B’wood Connection?

Vin Diesel driving a run-down Chevrolet backwards, which, btw, is on FIRE, only to win the race against the local Cuban don.


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A few minutes into The Fate Of The Furious, and I wondered where else I could’ve seen something as ridiculous as this? But of course, Salman bhai. Salman did something as insane as getting off the cycle and then pushing it away just to have a ‘Dabangg’ stroll in front of a moving train in Kick.

The feeling didn’t end there, and neither did the craziness. The two hours of Fast and Furious 8 reminded me of a Rohit Shetty kinda film. Yes, logic be damned!

You might not agree with me, but you cannot ignore the fact that F&F8 is no less than a cliched Bollywood film minus the song and dance.

It’s all About Loving Your Family

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Karan Johar would have shed a tear and Ravi Chopra would have blessed Dom after watching Furious 8.

Why? Simple. Vin did what KJo preaches in most of his films – it’s all about loving your family. And humara parivarik Vin did exactly that. For him, family comes first, aahh! Even the ones he’s not aware of.

Anyhoo... The film quickly and successfully answers Chopra’s question – can you depend on your family? – in less than the three hours Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Baghban took, with less rona-dhona.

Pati, Patni Aur Woh

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Obviously, Vin is a good-looking guy, who went and had an affair with another woman (Elsa Pataky) when he got to know that his ladylove was killed in an accident. (Author’s note: Yaaa! The man has needs, people).

But soon, Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) comes back to Vin’s world. Aur bechari Elsa exits till she returns with his beta.

Now, like any Bollywood film, (hmmm. something like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, maybe) why put the hero in an awkward situation to chose between the two ladies? It’s best we kill one. BOOM!

It’s just not fair for the hero to make tough decisions. Haina?

Happy Ending...

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The best part of any Priyadarshan’s films are its LOL endings. And it seems like Fast 8 took inspiration from Priyadarshan while creating the Jason Statham fight sequence rescuing Vin bhai’s child. In between high-voltage tension, you’ve got tough guy Jason juggling the baby amidst his as*kicking actions.

Maa Tu Kitni Achchi Hai!

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Helen Mirren is our very own desi dramatic mother. Whose role in the film lasts for barely 10 minutes but even in those few minutes, the Hollywood maa speaks the universally accepted Bollywood mother’s language. “Hey bhagwan, issi din ke liye mujhe zinda rakha tha. Mere dono bete ek dusre se ke saat nahi rehna chahte....”

It works like a charm everywhere!

Tu Mera Hero

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Picture abi baki hai mere dost, if the hero does not save ’em all.

Cliche at its best and holds true even for The Fate of The Furious. Even if the entire team is well-equipped and successfully busts a secret Russian military base, they still need Vin bhai to save them from a heat-seeking missile.

Kyunki, hero has to bring down the curtains and get the end credits rolling.

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