Did Deepika Padukone admit that she was too dependent on Ranbir Kapoor? Watch video

Chandni Shah
Deepika Padukone even revealed why her equation with Ranbir Kapoor will never change

Deepika Padukone’s personal life is often discussed as much as her professional one. Though she’s yet to make her relationship with Ranveer Singh public, there are times when the couple’s PDA is enough to draw conclusions. Before dating Ranveer Singh, DP was happily committed to Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Ranbir Kapoor. She was smitten by him and so was he. The actress even got his name inked on the back of her neck. Even after their breakup, she never tried to surgically remove that famous ‘RK’ tattoo and doesn’t even regret it. Unlike other relationships in Bollywood which turn bitter after they end, Ranbir and Deepika fortunately never belonged to the league. Yes, there was a time when she was depressed and the split affected her but that is a thing of the past. Gracing Simi Garewal’s talk show, India’s Most Desirable in 2011, DP revealed what she went through after her split and how her dynamics with Ranbir will never change. Also Read: Deepika Padukone was asked to name an actress who could play Padmavati if not her, and the answer is…

For us, Deepika always came across as someone who would give her 100 per cent to a relationship. And guess, we were right all this while. Revealing details about the kind of lover she is, Deepika said that she isn’t a frivolous lover. She doesn’t believe that marriage has to be the end of a relationship. But she needs to have a direction. If she has to be with someone just for fun, she might as well not be a part of it. Ask her if she’s a possessive lover and she corrects saying she’s protective. She defends her statement saying, “I think a little bit is good. It shouldn’t be to a point that it drives you mad or crazy. This is in fact one thing I learned from my past relationship. Do not be entirely dependent on one person. Because once that person is gone, then what?” Deepika firmly believes you can’t let one person be a driving force behind your happiness. And we wonder if her relationship with RK Jr was the one she was referring to in this previous statement. Also Read: No more cold vibes? Deepika Padukone chooses Sonam Kapoor over Aishwarya Rai

Deepika Padukone’s relationship and later even the fallout with Ranbir was a huge setback for all her fans. They were always the most loved couple and her tattoo was a proof of it. The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor was aware of Deepika’s decision of getting his name inked and that’s ‘because she discussed it with him beforehand. Despite them falling apart, she revealed how Ranbir was always there for her, and that’s what matters to her the most.

(Video courtesy: Simi Garewal Official YouTube page)