Did BJP deliver 'Acche Din'? Amit Shah answers the million-dollar-question

Shalini Ojha

Did BJP deliver

27 May 2018: Did BJP deliver 'Acche Din'? Amit Shah answers the million-dollar-question

Bharatiya Janata Party's President Amit Shah said in the past four years the Narendra Modi led government has worked relentlessly to improve the conditions of Indians.

Shah made this comment on Saturday when at a press conference he was asked if BJP's delivered on its promise of 'Acche Din' (better days).

The tagline 'Acche Din' was religiously used in the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign.

His statement: BJP tried improving lives of 22 crore families, said Shah

Answering the question, Shah said BJP has tried raising the standard of living of 22 crore families.

"This effort has been successful, it has reached to lowest strata, the economy of country has recovered, the nation's borders have been secured, the country's pride has increased, we have also done a lot of work to improve the condition of women in our country," Shah added.

Looking back: Quite naturally, questions of 'Acche Din' have troubled BJP

Amit Shah promised many rural India problems will be overcome in the last year of the government's tenure.

While the master strategist had a positive response to the 'Acche Din' question, BJP leaders in the past have said the catchphrase has haunted them.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said it was former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's words, and they were stuck with it.

Fact: Nitin Gadkari once said 'Acche Din' may never come

"Our country is such an ocean of dissatisfied souls that Acche Din never come...media should not misinterpret me...Those who have cycles want scooters, and those who have scooters want cars. It is not wrong, but the wealthy are dissatisfied too," Gadkari had said in 2016.