Diamond Rings Which Mehul Choksi Gifted Me Turned Out To Be Fake, Says Rumoured Girlfriend Barbara Jarabica

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Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi’s reported girlfriend Barbara Jarabica has clarified that she didn’t have any role in his recent abduction, saying that the 62-year-old himself approached her in Antigua in 2020.

Jarabica alleged that Choksi’s family and lawyers are dragging her name to this fiasco and that has caused stress amongst her own acquaintances as well.

“I was a friend of Choksi. Choksi introduced himself as Raj and approached me last year during my visit. He became friendly and later started flirting. He also gifted me diamond rings and bracelets that turned out to be fake,” the lady was quoted in a report by India Today.

She further mentioned that the businessman gradually started developing a liking for her, even expressing to Jarabica that she was his soulmate.

The woman though revealed that Choksi’s obsessiveness began bothering her recently though the duo had settled an agreement to do business together in May this year.

The runaway magnate apparently also insisted Jarabica set herself up in the Caribbean islands itself.

“I have nothing to do with his kidnapping. My name is being dragged by Mehul Choksi's lawyers and family members. Me and my family are under stress,” the oft-referred ‘mysterious woman’ said.

She further quipped, “We had a bit of an argument when he tried to kiss me at his office. If I had to do an abduction why would I use my name.”

On the other hand, Choksi reportedly claims that Jarabica befriended his staff to accompany him on his evening walks, later asking him to pick her up from her home on 23rd May when eight-ten members of the Antigua Police captured him.

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