Dhruva Sharma Is Making It Big in the World of Certified Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security

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Dhruva Sharma, a Cyber Security Specialist, is making big headlines these days. With a penchant for scrutinising cybersecurity-related issues and vast knowledge of IT tools and apparatus, not once, but he has been aptly recognised thrice for his contributions to global IT security on three different occasions by three famous IT giants; Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

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New Delhi-based Dhruva Sharma is also a security researcher to make the internet a safe place for information and data sharing. Dhruva is utilising his ethical hacking skills and professional talent to assist and help global IT organisations in their fight against hackers and cybercriminals.

Dhruva – A Cyber Security Expert

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In the past too, Dhruva had wholeheartedly worked with several organisations and helped them in various ways. For his hard work and dedication, Google, Microsoft, and Apple rewarded him with an honourable mention in their Hall of Fame in 2014. As a Security Researcher, his contribution has been aptly recognised by each of these companies.

According to Dhruva, learning Black Hat, and various other security tools have helped in shaping his career as an IT security researcher and Technical analyst. He is an avid reader of cybersecurity-related stuff and, feels that with proper knowledge of cybersecurity, even governments can make use of use these skills to thwart terrorism and drug-related menaces from their territories, with most of them taking place online.

Over the last three years, the UK hospital servers have been facing the obnoxious side of ransomware as hospital sites abruptly stop working, and demand for a whopping amount of money. It’s quite stressful for the hospital administration and people at large because most of these hospitals carry patients’ data in their system. Dhruva feels by applying strengthening the working mode of IT apparatus in such organizations, the problems of ransomware could be easily overcome.

Dhruva Sharma – The Future Ahead

Dhruva’s exceptional knowledge in the field got him several outstanding job opportunities with renowned firms in Canada and Malaysia at a lucrative salary package, but he denied them as he is too much engrossed in working as an independent security analyst just like an entrepreneur. He is focused on growing his firm and assisting other IT organizations in taking corrective security measures 24x7.

Dhruva has many fans and followers on social media. He keeps them engaged with useful updates whenever he gets time to do so. His primary aim is to work independently with global IT giants and assess their online security lapses and troubleshoot them on time after due process of consultation.

‘A stitch in time saves nine,’ similarly, his professional skills and sharp analytical knowledge will help various companies stay protected from any third-party remote unauthorised access into the organisation's server.