Dharam Sansad held in Jaipur, resolution adopted to shut illegal slaughter houses in Rajasthan

A Dharam sansad was held in Jaipur today that discussed issues like illegal slaughter houses, Ram Mandir and ban of alchohol.

Several religious leaders congregated in Jaipur on Thursday under the banner of Devalaya Sanrakshan Samiti Rajasthan for Dharam Sansad. The leaders met to discuss issues like cow slaughter, Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and alchohol ban in the state.


The Dharam Sansad was held today to consider the following issues:

  1. The Sansad agreed with the Supreme Court's statement that both sides should hold mutual discussions on the issue of Ram mandir and the issue should not be politicised.
  2. The members urged the Muslim community to give up their claim on the piece of land in Uttar Pradesh. It claimed that the issue is an emotive one for the Hindu community and that Ram temple will be constructed at the site where Lord Rama was born.
  3. The other proposal taken up at the congregation was of the closure of illegal slaughter houses in Rajasthan. Some people at the congregation mentioned that the decision has already been taken in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan should follow in its footsteps and close down illegal slaughter houses.
  4. The Sansad declared that even legal slaughter houses should be checked and should not be allowed to open near schools, temples, etc in he state.
  5. The congregation also took up the proposal of ban on alcohol in Rajasthan. It claimed that like in Gujarat, alcohol should be banned in Rajasthan as well.


Awadesh Acharya mentioned, "At the Dharam sansad, it was decided that the illegal slaughter houses should be shut and also that even the legal slaughter houses should be brought under the ambit of law..."

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