'Devotees' Shower Currency Notes on Bhajan Singer in Gujarat, Twitterati Compares The Act With Dance Bar! Watch Shocking Viral Video

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Attending bhajans is quite common among the masses of this country. But a bhajan is supposed to be a gathering where prayers and religious songs are sung and people in attendance join along. But a shocking video has come up online from a bhajan but money is being poured on a lady on the stage, which has the internet questioning if its a dance bar! The video which came on Twitter is going viral and it is appalling to see the kind of money that is being showered on the singer. All men or 'devotees' are seen surrounding the female on stage, while the bhajan plays, currency notes are being thrown on her, much like a dance bar! The shocking video is said to be from Gujarat but the exact location and when it was taken is still not known. UP Police Showers Notes on Dancers at Unnao: Suspended After Video Goes Viral.

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After the video came up online, people were far from impressed. They questioned if this is a bhajan or a dance bar. At one point, a man empties a bucket full of notes on the lady. What's shocking is there are many other ladies in attendance at the event but no one seems to have any problem with the kind of show that is being put up on the stage. The video is shocking and unfortunately a true situation of what happens in most places in the name of bhajan.

Watch Viral Video of Money Being Showered in a Bhajan:

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The video got several angry reactions from netizens, some even calling it a Sanskari dance bar! Check some of the reactions on Twitter.

Is this Bhajan?

Meanwhile, some others mentioned that the event is called as Dayra, wherein the money being poured on the stage is later used for philanthropic purposes. As shocking as it is, it is not the first time something like this has come up. Last year, in May 2018, a similar video was shared online from Navsari in Gujarat, which saw huge amounts of money being showered on the stage.

Watch Video of Money Being Showered on Stage in Gujarat:

What is really shocking is how kids and family alike come up and throw money at the stage. The event looks far from having any religious angle to it, although it is still called a bhajan. As much as Rs 50 lakh notes were showered at the Bhajan singers. Despite these videos going so viral, it is really questionable why the authorities do not take any action on such programs.