Devendra Fadnavis’ kin sparks controversy, posts picture taking the second jab of COVID vaccine

Amidst the massive row in Maharashtra over the Remdesivir doses being stocked up, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has now been under the lens for same. Considering the situation of scarcity in the state, these doses were being provided to Gujarat. As India witnesses a massive surge in COVID cases, Remdesivir has now become a political issue. The fact that a common person does not have access to it, has become a debate. Amidst the whole chaos, Shiv Sena called out and exposed Bhartiya Janata Party’s dirty politics was exposed when the same Remdesivir stocks were being hoarded by leaders and how Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was trying to protect the company owner. Shiv Sena further questioned that if company owners do not have access to Remdesivir, why should leaders from Bhartiya Janata Party have it? Now Devendra Fadnavis’ kin is under the lens for the vaccine row. His kin shared an image of himself getting vaccinated and later deleted it. Since he was not under the eligible age group, he got vaccinated for the second allegedly. Watch the video to know more!