New developments in Sachin Vaze Case; Innova used to plant the letter linked to the COP office

An exclusive picture of the white Inova car involved in the Vaze- case retrieved by the agency that provided the car passed at the Commissioner of Police's office. This is the first image obtained since the NIA had linked this white Inova crossing the Scorpio vehicle near Antilia in a CCTV footage a few days back. After going through more than 3000 footages to find more evidence to link this Inova to the case, this image clears all doubts and cracks the case. Later it was suspected that the CIU is also related with Vaze, given their attachment to the car. The NIA teams were sent unofficially to clarify their suspicion and on their arrival they discovered the Inova parked at the commissioner's office which resolved the case and confirmed this car to be the one used to plant the letter in the gelatin laden Scorpio.