Devasnana Poornima: ‘Gajanan Besha’ of lord Jagannath made with 1475 ice-cream sticks

Puri (Odisha) June 24 (ANI): An artist from Odhisha’s Puri dedicated a ‘Gajanan Besha’ (Statue of lord Jagannath) made with 1475 ice cream sticks to the followers of lord Jagannath on the occasion of ‘Devasnana Poornima’. 14-year-old Biswajit Nayak made this 30-inch long and 26-inch wide statue of Lord Jagannath. “It took me 15 days to make this 30-inches tall & 26-inches wide statue. On the occasion of ‘Devasnana Purnima’, I dedicate this to devotees,” Biswajit told ANI.‘Devasnana Purnima’ is a festival celebrated every year at Jagannath temple on the full moon day of ‘Jyeshtha’ month.

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