Dev got his nails twisted, skin peeled off during shoots of football legend's biopic

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Kolkata, Dec 29 (PTI) Bengali superstar Dev has got his nails twisted and skin under his feet peeled off by the rigours of the shooting of 'Golondaaj', based on life events of the Father of Indian Football, Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, director Dhrubo Banerjee has said.

After being held up for several months due to the pandemic situation, the shooting of 'Golondaaj' resumed this month.

During the shoots, Dev, who is essaying the role of Sarbadhikari, has to play football barefoot, as was the practice in the 19th century, particularly by Indian players.

'Dev got his nails twisted, the skin under feet peeled off by the rigours of shooting. He also ignored his doctor's advice of restriction of movements due to a sprained neck,' Banerjee said.

When an actor goes through such extreme physical hardships during shooting, it shows on screen, he said.

Sarbadhikari shaped Indian football for two decades since 1877 and a 19th-century ambience was recreated for the film.

Footballs having crude handmade stitches, which was in vogue during that time have been used for shooting while footwear and jerseys used by the playing sides also bear the stamp of that era, the director said.

The film will capture moments of a high-voltage match in which Sarbadhikari-led Sovabazar Club defeated East Surrey Regiment of Britain 2-1 in 1892 to lift the Trades Cup as the first all-Indian team.

A replica of the Trades Cup and tents of that time were also recreated to bring alive the time of Sarbadhikari, considered the first Indian to kick a football.

'Sometime in the mid-nineteenth century, a bunch of British soldiers was kicking a ball around at the Calcutta FC ground, where a very young boy had stopped to watch them. The unruly ball had rolled towards that boy, who was then asked to kick it back.

'That boy, Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, answered with his feet to become the first Indian to kick a football,' the website of Indian Football Association (IFA) said.

Dev said that he would not have known that Sarbadhikari introduced football to Indians had he not done the film.

'I came to know so many things about Sarbadhikari. I came to know that he loved to play cricket too. It is very important to bring that part of our history to the present generation,' he said.

Sarbadhikaris grandson Mayukh Ranjan Sarbadhikari visited the sets of the film a few days back and expressed satisfaction over the way the director etched out details to bring the period look. PTI SUS NN NN