Dev DD trailer: Asheema Vardaan as female Devdas loves booze, sex, buying condoms in this super dull Ekta Kapoor ALTBalaji’s new web series!

Rashmi Mishra

Ekta Kapoor has given us a number of female protagonists over the years from Tulsi, Parvati, Prerna to recent ones like Pragya and Nandini. Despite their popularity, one can hardly find these characters relatable however hard Ms Kapoor may have tried. Hence, in order to connect with the ‘it’ youth, the Czarina of TV is coming up with a web series, Dev DD live streamed on ALT Balaji, a digital platform. Dev DD trailer launched recently, and instantly introduces the viewers to its lead character – Aasheema Vardhan as female Devdas. Lost in love, with inhibitions for lust, casual sex with men or sharing passionate with a female friend, buying a pack of ‘fruit salad’ condoms or booze guzzling – you name it, Dev DD has done it in this mindlessly retard and painfully boring trailer.

The Dev DD trailer showcases nothing but a farce idea of ‘progressive women’ perceived by the so-called visionaries industry is blessed with. We have this girl named Devika Dharam Trivedi (which she utters right at the end of the trailer) who lives her life on her terms and conditions. The video opens with horrible multiple voices screeching out names – slut, wild, useless, sick, difficult and psycho to introduce the female lead. In the opening few seconds, you exactly know what is to be expected from Dev DD helmed by director Ken Ghosh.

After watching this trailer of over two minutes long, one thing is clear about our filmmakers (if not all). If they have to represent the current generation, show them having casual sex, drinking till their kidneys begged for mercy, utter F words ten times in a row or simply be an asshole. Nope, Nope, guys – this generation is far more responsible than you could ever imagine. No, you are not connecting to us by showing the female lead buying condoms like she is ordering ice-creams at a parlour. There is more to us than this crappy half-baked story you are planning to serve us, all in the name of creative, original content.

Let us take a moment away from the story line and theme of Dev DD to the lead actress, Aasheema Vardhan. Right from her diction to awkward dialogue delivery, she is disappointing to say the least. Not to forget, unrecognizable if they did not have her in possibly every frame. Dev DD is a sheer waste of time, and if Ekta Kapoor is banking on the ‘kisses, sex and making out’ scenes, she must really understand that there is no dearth of such ‘original content’ on the internet.