New details on Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi teaser trailer leaked online

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New details on the first teaser trailer of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi has been leaked online and the info points to the introduction of a new planet in the upcoming movie.

This planet could play a vital role in the storyline mainly because most of the key events in the upcoming science fiction film will apparently take place here. Since the name of the place was kept a secret by the creators, the fans had monikered it "Casino Set".

Rumour has it that the planet is called Canto Bight and it is described as a "medieval-looking city dressed in neon." According to a fansite called Making Star Wars, it is an entirely new creation poised to become an unforgettable Star Wars location.

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"While I do not know the exact spelling, I believe the planet to be called Canto Bight after having heard that name specifically several times from quality sources, always in relation to the subject of the Dubrovnik filming," stated Jason Ward, the editor-in-chief of the fansite.

Star Wars

However, there is a debate among Star Wars fans about the new planet in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, as some of them claim that it could be the name of a city. A behind-the-scene leaked photo of the Dubrovnik city in southern Croatia, wherein the filming took place, features a group of policemen.

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Star Wars News Net claimed that Canto Bight could be the name of a city and not a planet, mainly because police departments are typically named after cities and not entire planets. "That being said, in the Star Wars universe a planet-wide police force is certainly not out of the question," stated the website.

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Meanwhile, Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh claimed that an exclusive teaser trailer of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi could be released for the attendees of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando on April 14. "Disney and Lucasfilm are still deciding what to show strictly to the attendees for Star wars Celebration," he added.

The You Tuber said over four teasers were put to bed and it took nine weeks to create the one to be released on April 14. "Shots of Skellig Michael filmed in September 2015 are in the trailer and most of the trailer footage are shot in IMAX," he stated.

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