Here’s All The Details About Salman Khan’s Most Trusted Man- Shera, His Salary Will Surprise You!

manjari mukherjee

Each and every Salman Khan fan is absolutely curious about Salman’s most trusted person that is none other than Shera.

Shera is Salman Khan’s shadow, he is the one who received Salman Khan outside Jodhpur Jail, someone Salman Khan trusts more than himself, maybe!? Although, there’s literally not much about this most trusted bodyguard of Salman Khan.

However, here’s some very interesting facts about that very mysterious bodyguard, Shera. So, all the Salman Khan fans can finally quench their thirst to know more about this bodyguard. Shera’s real name is Gurmeet Singh. Born into a Sikh family, he wasn’t quite interested in academics as well as when he grew older, gym became his passion.

Meanwhile, he also participated in several competitions and also won them all. Not many know this as usual, but Shera had won the Mr. Mumbai title as well as stood second in the Mr. Maharashtra event. He is an accomplished bodybuilder as well. It was his good physique that helped him get a job at Wizcraft, which was to handle the protection details of Bollywood bigwigs. 

The first time Shera met Salman Khan was for a brief moment, at a party held for Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves in 1995. Although Salman Khan had liked Shera from the start itself, it was Sohail Khan who’d brought Shera on board.

It was after an incident happened with Salman Khan, wherein he was mobbed at his show in Chandigarh as the crowd went out of control.

The conversation supposedly went to be something like this- Sohail Khan met Shera, and asked him, “Bhai ke saath hamesha rahoge (Will you always stay with my brother)?” Sohail asked Shera. Shera just said, “Yes”. Shera has maintained his commitment till date prompting Salman to use this as a dialogue in a Wanted, saying “Maine Ek Bar Commitment Kar Di Toh Khud Ka Bhi Nahi Sunta.”

Well, yes that famous dialogue from ‘Wanted’ is inspired by none other than Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera.

However, Shera unlike all of us addresses Salman Khan as ‘Maalik’ rather than Bhai. On numerous occasions, this brave and courageous man has shown his loyalty towards his master. Shera’s son Tiger is waiting in the wings to be launched by Salman. According to reports, Shera gets a salary of Rs. 15 lacs+ per month (that was two years back), which translates to Rs. 2 crores annually. 

Shera is also a security expert and provides other Hollywood celebs and much more security from his own company. Just like he did for pop sensation Justin Bieber when he came to India for his Purpose tour!

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