Despite Warning By IT Ministry, Twitter Now Flags 'Congress Toolkit' Tweets By Five More BJP Leaders As Manipulated Media

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Despite the Union government conveyed its objection to Twitter for flagging tweets of BJP leaders on 'toolkit' as manipulated media, Twitter extended its “manipulated media” label to tweets by five other BJP members on Friday (21 May).

Tweets posted by verified accounts of Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, BJP national social media in-charge Priti Gandhi, Andhra Pradesh co-incharge Sunil Deodhar, BJP media panelist Charu Pragya, BJP Delhi general secretary Kuljeet Singh Chahal, were tagged as manipulated, reports The Times of India.

After Congress wrote to Twitter asking it to permanently suspend the accounts of the BJP leader for allegedly "spreading misinformation", the micro-blogging website on Friday (21 May) flagged the 'toolkit expose' tweet of BJP leader Sambit Patra as 'manipulated media'.

However, it is yet to be revealed what was the source based on which the micro-blogging website concluded that the 'toolkit' tweet of the BJP leader was manipulative.

After Twitter flagged the tweets, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in a statement on Friday said that it has written a strong communication to the global team of Twitter registering objection on the use of “Manipulated Media” tag on certain tweets.

Asserting that an investigation by local law enforcement agency is already going on the complaint filed by one of the parties in the matter, the government said that Twitter has "unilaterally drawn a conclusion" in the matter without waiting for the police to "determine the veracity of the toolkit'.