Despite ban, Haryana Police yet to remove blue beacon from cars

A reality check done by India Today revealed that Haryana Police was yet to remove the blue beacons from four of its vehicles parked outside the headquarters.

Despite a national ban, the charm of beacons (red, amber and blue) continues to lure the bureaucrats, politicians and their relatives in Haryana.

A reality check done by India Today on Monday revealed that the Haryana Police has yet to remove the blue beacons from four of its vehicles parked outside the police headquarters. ADGP, OP Singh when questioned said he will issue instructions to the police officials to remove the beacons, use of which is an offence now.

In another reality check, a vehicle was found using amber light in Ambala. Caught on camera, the person claimed he is the son of a politician.

Meanwhile, the ban on red beacon came into full force from today in Punjab and Haryana, besides the neighbouring Himachal Pradesh.

While Punjab had already banned the use of red beacon from last month, Haryana followed the suit after Narendra Modi-led government announced the ban last month.

A reality check done by India Today on Monday revealed that the ban was successful as most of the bureaucrats, ministers and other designated heads of boards and corporations removed red beacons from their vehicles but it was still easy to distinguish the VIP vehicles as they still used flag rods and official flags.

None of the official vehicles parked outside the Punjab and Haryana Secretariats on Monday was seen with a red beacon.

Interestingly, the judges of Punjab and Haryana High Court, including the Chief Justice, who was exempted from the ban, also removed it from their official vehicles.


While Amarinder Singh-led government welcomed the Union government's decision, the Opposition BJP at the same time doubted that it would end the VIP culture in the state.

"Red beacon is just a VIP symbol and merely removing the symbol will not help end the deeply rooted VIP culture as the state government is being run by a maharaja. Will the relatives of Punjab and Haryana ministers also give up other amenities like personal security and staff. Two of the Punjab ministers were found threatening the officials isn't a VIP culture?" Secretary and Spokesperson Punjab BJP, Vineet Joshi asked.

Though the red beacons have been banned throughout the country but the misuse of official vehicles, besides other amenities like personal security and other staff is still a reality. Removing a red beacon may force the VIP vehicles to move with other vehicles but the flags will continue to provide them a VIP treatment on the roads.

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