‘Desperate times ask desperate measure’: Chinese news anchor’s monologue on coronavirus goes viral

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CGTN news anchor Zou Yue's explanation why social distancing works to flatten the curve is going viral.

A video of a CGTV news anchor talking about the tough steps taken by China to combat the spread of the  coronavirus outbreak has struck a chord with millions as it went viral on various social media platforms.

CGTN news anchor Zou Yue, in the video, claimed that China is one step closer to ending the battle against the novel coronavirus after implementing strict quarantine measures.

He starts by explaining that the virus doesn’t respect national borders, cultural values and political views.

“Facing the pandemic, it is not what happened matters, it is how we respond.” He adds.

Watch the video here:

Yue then goes on to say that though China’s strict quarantine measures had never been tried on such an enormous scale in the modern world, but after two months the country’s stand has been vindicated after recording its first day with no domestic transmissions of the disease.

“For almost a month it infected thousands in Wuhan in a day, and every hospital bed was occupied, now empty beds and closed wards in the city”, he said.

Calling out to countries all over Europe and America, Yue further said, “China imposed the largest and most draconian quarantine in history. Factories shut, public transport stopped and people stayed indoors. By doing that, it flattened the curve; on one hand, China avoided many millions of cases and tens of thousands of deaths. On the other, it stretched out the time and makes the hospitals re-staffed and less strained.”

Explaining to the viewers that “desperate times ask desperate measure”, the anchor urged people all over the world to not put politics ahead of public health and encouraged all to move ahead with humility.

The video released on March 19 is significant as it marked the first time that China has recorded zero new domestic cases of COVID-19 since the country implemented strict and sweeping quarantine measures to contain the spread of the virus.

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