Designer Karan Arora's 'Golden Lady' brings the inner 'I' out!

BY Somdatta Saha

NewDelhi, May 1 (ANI): "Clothes don't wear you, you wear clothes." Keeping this in mind, designer Karan Arora came up with his exclusive collection, called the 'Golden 'lady.'

"My obsession with traditional crafted clothing comes from such values where we should be known for what we are. My idea is to make people comfortable with themselves first and then getting your comfort from other elements from environment," told the designer to ANI here.

"So, when I draft these things, my idea is to complement. If you are confident and feel good about yourself, you really don't need any tag to idea of clothing has come from it," he added.

The brand 'Karan Arora' believes in keeping things simple yet very significant in terms of exemplary finishes, exquisite craftwork and exotic hand woven fabric, in making of couture that is to be treasured for now and forever.

The vision of the 'Golden Lady' collection is the tradition of regal art attained by royal houses passed over generations, mastered over centuries of brilliance.

Worshiping the goddess in women of substance wading through the art of Indian Craftsmen, blending cultures, committing the finer art of imperial monuments, Karan marvels in crafting the collection, who becomes Queen in all auras of radiance.

According to him, 'The Golden Lady Muse' is a thoughtful creation that imparts a royal individuality and gleams substantial astonishment and yes, the Golden Lady becomes the translator.

Based on some aesthetic and grandeur paintings existing in the world, the assemblage involves 'Wah Taj,' 'The Sonet,' 'The Muse,' 'The Mystique,' 'The Majesty' and the 'Dizzying Glory.'

It also include inspiration from work like Mathura art and implications of Taj Mahal Interior, engraving designs of Motibagh Palace and Baradari Garden with intricacy of Parsi, Chiffon, Chickankari, Zardosi and Tussar. (ANI)