How to design a bedroom in a small home

Hello, I’m Abhishek and I’m taking you through my home in Mumbai which my wife and I decorated a few years ago. Doing interiors for small homes is difficult. Most advice we found online was quite esoteric. Plus we didn’t want our home to look like a DIY project. We weren’t in our 20s and we wanted our home to reflect that. I’ve already done a video on designing tips for different rooms in a small home. You can find links to those videos below. Today, we enter our bedroom.

If you’re a nuclear family unit, chances are you use your bedroom mostly to sleep. Make the most of this.

If your bedroom is small, avoid cramming a study table in the room. Use your living room for your WFH.

Begin by envisioning your bedroom as a hotel room. Bring in elements from your favourite hotel room into your bedroom.

But also remember this is the room which will require the most amount of storage space. So plan accordingly.

Design your wardrobe shelves intelligently. If you don’t hang a lot of your clothes, reduce the hanger space.

Use the concept of kitchen trolleys inside your wardrobe so you can access all your clothes with ease.

Make room for your suits, sherwanis and other long outfits so they don’t get crumpled.

If you have window niches, convert those into sitting areas with storage space underneath.

And buy a bed with a storage space under the mattress. That’s where a lot of your rarely-used items will go.

Use mood lighting but also make room for bright white lights so your bedroom doesn’t feel dull and depressing.

Ultimately, invest in a good mattress. Also spend on a good comforter, bedsheets, and bedspreads.

Keep the colour scheme light. Avoid highlighting any walls with a different colour; it’ll make the room look smaller.

Instead find a light wallpaper with design. Alternatively, consider a decal. We didn’t want either.

The key to making your bedroom look like a hotel room is by respecting its design.

You have a wardrobe, right? Put away your clothes in it instead of leaving them lying around on the bed

You’ve created storage space, right? Clear up your mess regularly and put away everything you don’t need.

In the evening, light a scented candle or essential oils and let your bedroom transform into a cocoon of calm.

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