Desi Twitter Schools Girl for Dissing 'Curd Rice' and Calling it 'Plain Rice and Yogurt'
'Not on my curd,' said desi Twitter after a tweet dissed 'curd rice' for being just 'yogurt and plain rice.'

Curd rice or Thayir Sadam is a staple in most South Indian households every time summer rolls around.

And this easy and simple delicacy isn't limited to just South India, it is spread across the entire subcontinent, known as "dahi chawal, doi bhaat, perugu vannam, thachchu mammam," among many other names.

However, this summer favourite delicacy didn't have the same effect on a Twitter user who posted a picture of it with the caption, "now I’ve seen it all."

In a reply to the tweet, she further dissed it saying, "yogurt with plain white rice is not a dish."

And then said, "it's just the fact that its plain rice."

Desi Twitter, however, wasn't having it.

To sum it up, for the last 48 hours on Twitter, there has been much ado about curd rice.