Desi Parents Reacting to Daughter Downing a Tequila Shot is All Kinds of Relatable
Misha Malik explained that she was out getting dinner with her family to celebrate her 21st birthday and her mother told the waiter, hoping he brings dessert. He brought booze instead.

The rules and values desi parents set for their children are often rigid and unchanging, even after the kids grow up and start living independent lives. And an Indian-origin woman living in Ohio seems to be learning that the hard way.

Twitter user Misha Malik recently posted a video of herself drinking what appear to be a tequila or vodka shot in front of her dumbstruck parents at a restaurant. It appears from the video that they family was out to eat when Malik decided to stun her parents and send their faces into twisted scowls.

For most young-adults and even older persons, especially in India, drinking in front of family continues to be taboo. Unless you want to set a hundred familial tongues rolling or give your nosy aunt from the pind a heart attack, drinking alchohol is a complete NO NO for Desi parents. It doesn't matter if you are an NRI and live abroad. Desi riwaaz and customs are often unforgiving of geographical diversity.

In the video posted by Malik, she can be seen quickly gulping down a shot before doubling down on a wedge of lemon to cure the tang. The camera then pans to Malik's parents who just sit there across the table from her, watching their daughter with stern, unsmiling faces.

Captioning the video, Malik wrote on Twitter, "It was at this moment that my parents decided they were sending me back to India". In further comments, Malik explained that she was out getting dinner with her family to celebrate her 21st birthday. Apparently, Malik's mother told the waiter it was her birthday, possibly hoping for him to get some dessert in response.

However, the waiter stunned them all when he served up a shot to the birthday girl to celebrate her reaching legal drinking age (yes, it's 21 in the US).

Many on Twitter reacted to the highly relatable post.

Though it was Malik's birthday, it seems her parents were the ones to receive the surprise. Or should we say, shock?