The Catch-up: Derbyshire town evacuated as dam walls begin to collapse due to flooding

What happened?

A town in Derbyshire has been evacuated after flooding caused significant damage to a nearby dam. Residents of Whaley Bridge, situated close to Toddbrook Reservoir, were told to leave their homes and head to a local school amid fears the dam wall could collapse entirely, after images showed a huge hole. Police called the situation “an unprecedented, fast-moving, emergency situation”.

How bad is it?

Cheshire, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester saw intense rainfall on Thursday causing severe flooding and disruption. A major incident was declared late on Wednesday in Poynton, Cheshire, due to “severe flooding” and local groundwork, with landscaper Adam Wainwright describing the aftermath as “complete chaos”. Firefighters, emergency services personnel and staff from Highways England were helping those affected, with a rest centre established at Poynton Civic Hall.

Flooding due to sustained rain disrupted all lines on the railway between Manchester Airport and Wilmslow early on Thursday, according to train operator Northern.

The Environment Agency issued a series of flood warnings covering central, north-west and north-east England and urged people to stay away from swollen rivers and to avoid driving through flood water. 19mm of rain fell in the North West in eight hours on Wednesday following heavy rain in the region on Sunday and Monday, the Met Office said.

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