Depressed Agra youth live-streams suicide as 2,750 people watch

Gogona Saikia

Depressed Agra youth live-streams suicide as 2,750 people watch

12 Jul 2018: Depressed Agra youth live-streams suicide as 2,750 people watch

The tale of this 24-year-old Agra youth brings to the fore two burning issues: depression and apathy.

Munna Kumar wanted to join the army, but when he failed to clear the exam, he felt so pressurized that he chose to kill himself.

What makes it worse is that over 2,750 people watched him hanging himself live on Facebook, but no one called the police.

Details: Inspired by Bhagat Singh, he wanted to join the army

Kumar, a BSc graduate, was highly inspired by Bhagat Singh, his father says. Following in his idol's footsteps, he dreamed of joining the army.

But he recently failed to clear the entrance exams for the fifth time.

On the morning of July 11, he went online on Facebook and live-streamed a 1:09-minute long video, confessing about his depression.

Then he hanged himself, live on video.

Family: Family thought Kumar was "normal," was planning his future

In his six-page suicide note, Kumar blamed himself for not being able to clear the exam and disappointing his parents.

However, his family says they had no idea about his plans. "Hours before, he was normal and we had dinner together," his brother Vikas told TOI.

His father, a driver, had also set up a grocery store for his son.

Apparently, that's not what he needed.

Fact: Depression slowly becoming a major killer

Depression is beginning to claim more lives. Last month, a retired additional district judge allegedly shot himself with his licensed gun at his Ghaziabad home. Days later, a software engineer jumped to her death from a high-rise in Cyberabad. Both had been depressed since months.

Celebs: Depression doesn't care about your money or reputation

Fame and riches don't protect from depression. Venkannagari Radhika Reddy, a newsreader of popular Telugu channel V6, jumped from her residence roof in Hyderabad in April.

In her suicide note, she wrote: "My brain is my enemy."

Last month, two international celebs killed themselves days apart. The world mourned the death of iconic fashion designer Kate Spade and Emmy award-winning CNN host Anthony Bourdain.

Advice: If you are depressed, keep these things in mind

The most important thing to do is confide in friends. Isolation will make it worse.

Spend time doing things you enjoy. Inactivity is likely to boost negative thoughts.

Take proper care of your physical health. Have adequate sleep and eat good food. Practice relaxation techniques.

Get lots of exercise.

Also make sure you expose yourself to sunlight.

If nothing is helping, get professional help.